Any fanon (fan fiction) words and definitions that you make up goes here. You may also make phrases and put them here. Each month, people can vote on a phrase/word of the month. It can be from fanon or regular Wiki. We will announce the phrase/word every month. That word will be featured on our home page. Good luck! No fan fiction goes out of this page! This is the only place where you can make up words, so have fun!



I thought of a word called 'Seloya'. I think it might be Patrick's dumb way of saying hello.  Golfpecks (MCE)  09:34 September 4, 2017 UTC 

Maybe as a "reaction word" (like Barnacles), there could be an phrase called "Holy Anchovies!" as a reference to the pilot. AFallenPower (TalkContributions) 23:18, September 4, 2017 (UTC)

Maybe Dazkax could be a word that is shouted out of frustration or pain. User:NatRox